Crew Fighters Tee

Crew Fighters Tee

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Gigs are more than just what you see on stage. Our crew work just as hard as we do to make our shows come to life. 

From time to time, our crew have formed their own band during our soundchecks. Unlike their always professional work attitude, the performances were somewhat hit and miss. We loved it. We dubbed them the 'Crew Fighters'.

Unfortunately, our crew and many others in the music industry have been almost completely shut out from their work and are being ignored by the government. 

We have created this special 'Crew Fighters' T-shirt to raise some much deserved money for them. 100% of the profits collected from the sale of the T-shirt will go to help our crew pay their bills.
Please Note:-  This is a pre-order product and will be dispatched from 9th November.

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