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Broken Machine, is the highly anticipated sophomore album from British rock band Nothing But Thieves.

The eleven track album features the soaring rock anthem ‘Amsterdam’. ‘Broken Machine’ was produced by Mike Crossey in LA.

"This album is snapshot of where and who you are as a band over a small period of time. Writing in 2015/16... well, we weren't devoid of things to write about. The record hinges on the systems of life we perceive to be automatic and flawless when in reality, they're anything but. 

The aim of Broken machine was to create a rock album that feels fresh and exciting. It was about experimenting with sounds and song structures and expanding what we could do musically. After a lengthy writing process and a short time recording, we can't wait to get our next project out there."

Release date: 8th September 2017

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Track list for LP:

Side A.

1. I Was Just A Kid
2. Amsterdam
3. Sorry
4. Broken Machine
5. Live Like Animals
6. Soda

Side B.

1. I’m Not Made By Design
2. Particles
3. Get Better
4. Hell, Yeah
5. Afterlife